Friday, March 18, 2011

Super Powers and You

Clearly, I have not been as attentive to this blog as I thought that I might be.  However, the world has seen its share of crazy in the last few weeks - and I've been a wee bit distracted.

With the super-moon on the rise, sun flares scorching up the solar system, gravitational pull from Jupiter and radiation fallout from the impending nuclear disaster in Japan, it's the perfect storm for developing super powers... or cancer.  If it's the latter:  Well, crap.  If it's the former:  Awesome?  (dibs on a bitchin' healing factor - I'll probably need it)

Anyway... this is what goes through my mind.

Not that I'm paranoid about anything really crazy happening, but the nutso people around me are making me think I should be.  People actually are predicting a major earthquake in California tomorrow based on... well... stuff.  They actually are scared of radiation from 5000 miles away.  My questions is, am I dumb for NOT being worried about this stuff?  After all, the cosmic, and man-made disaster events I listed are real.

I guess we'll see on Monday.

Your move Universe.  Your move.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Mission Statement

I don't really write anymore, so with the clock ticking away on my ability to be culturally relevant as a writer, I have decided to get off my lazy ass and do something - anything with words.  I make no promises as to the intelligence or frequency of my postings; however, I do pledge to try my best to be honest - and perhaps entertain the few of you who indulge me in this self-important endeavor.  Stay tuned.